Aug 22, 2011

To save, not condemn you

Do you ever picture God? Was there a time when you would sit down and wonder, " Hmm..I wonder how God actually is..or looks like..what does He think like?" Do you observe that our perception of God changes according to our circumstances? Say, when you get a promotion or a gift, you think that God is blessing you. And when you are stuck in a bad circumstance or
your day simply hasn't gone well and you are feeling cranky and blue, You think that God is punishing you for all the wrong things you did or even that God is cursing you! Friend, you are not alone when  such thoughts come to your mind but not all that you think is true.  Well, how do we know Him anyway?

The answer is in the Bible - the written Word of God where He Himself has made it plain and simple about His nature and thinking. He is an all-loving, all-caring God who has made you fearfully and wonderfully in His image. He is a God unlike our mortal perception of Him. When we commit a sin, we are naturally bound to think that like our earthy parents, God too is bent on scolding, punishing and condemning us.Not true. That doesn't mean that He doesn't deal with our wrong doings. As Psalm 103:10 says, He deals with us not through our inequities but through Christ Jesus. Not by condemning us, but by convicting us. So that whoever believes in Jesus and repents may be washed of their sins. Our Holy Father understands the frailty of human life. He understands there are times that we by ourselves are unable to stand up, to get past our circumstances and follow His way. He understands that you cannot get out of your situation alone - be it addiction to the internet,  food, smoking, drugs, anger, depression,financial troubles, relationship problems or whatever it is that is bothering you. Our Holy Father is a compassionate father who always wanted you to be free, be joyful, and a happy life.You are precious to Him. He wants to have a relationship with us so badly that He sacrificed His only Son so that through the atonement of our sins we can have a wonderful relationship with Him and everything that He wants to bless us with. 

For a long time, I had a severe problem controlling my temper. I would mouth off anyone who would try to confront me with my problems and mistakes. At the moment, I didn't realize how much I was hurting those I love. But after those fits of rage, I would feel extremely guilty and would condemn myself. I too thought that God was condemning me and had forsaken me. But those thoughts weren't from God. They were from the Devil. God never put me down, instead He was always calling me to repent of my sins. He knew where all that pent up anger was coming from - my past. The hurt that I suffered since childhood made me hurt others. God understood me, He told me I cant do this on my own. He led me to surrender myself and my problems to Him and He did heal me. The memories remain but I don't hold a grudge against those who hurt me in the past. God healed me and saved me.

 This too can be possible for you. Friend, know that true peace and joy can only come from the Lord who is our redeemer. Accept His offer, His covenant (Jesus) and live a life under the everlasting grace of God.
God bless you.
                                                                           - CMS,
                                                                                     Member of J.L.E.S Ministries

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