Dec 16, 2011

When your heart fails

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the Rock and firm Strength of my heart and my Portion forever.
                                                                                     - Psalm 73: 26 (Amplified Bible)

Ever had those days when you tried and tried and still nothing was happening? -Like, when you were expecting God to give you that promotion at work for being a model employee yet your boss fails to notice you, or worse, gives the promotion you thought you deserved to someone else. And there are those times when it comes to the people in your life when you just wish they understood you better instead of complaining all the time. Or what about that disease (be it a cold or cancer) that never leaves? Its just a few examples to what you and I go through in life, facing situation after situation, expecting it to get better but it doesn't get anywhere near to 'good'.

Friend, I too like you have lost
hope many a times and given up. Losing heart and sulking in a corner comes easy when it becomes too much and too long to bear. But that is not the end of it all. God understands your misery. Ever wonder why Jesus came in a Human form in the first place? He suffered the same things that you did and he had plenty of chances to give up. He too felt like not moving ahead. At a point, He wished that the great task of providing salvation to us all through his sinless sacrifice were taken away from Him (Mark 14:36). He too bore a human heart that was susceptible to failure and weakness. He too needed to be strengthened in His Spirit (Luke 22:43). And therefore, God, Our Holy Father understood Him and also understands how frail our human hearts are. He doesn't condemn you, but He wants to help you. One blessed preacher gave a wonderful example to God's limitless mercy in this manner - 'If my son was in danger and calling out for my help, what would I do first? Would I check his faults and wrong-doings first? Would I ask my wife if my son has been doing his chores regularly?Would I check his report card to see whether he has done well in school? No, I would immediately run to him and help him. I will help him because he is my son and he is the most precious thing to me in this world. I wont count his faults while I am at it'. Similarly, Our heavenly Father, whose love and mercy is boundless, understands that we are weak at heart and when we give up or sin, He doesn't condemn us or take a stick and beat us. When we seek Him out, He rushes to our aid because He wants us to be well. 

Remember that God isn't making certain that there wont be moments that could push you to give up but He is assuring you that He will be your Strength when you are feeling weak, He will be your Hope when you feel hopeless, He will be your Rock when you feel that you have nothing to hold on to and He will be your Portion when your supplies/resources are dwindling. He will stick by you in all your circumstances, and He is forever true to His Word. So rely on Him and trust Him in everything, and see yourself come out victorious and more hopeful than ever before.

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